Call Analysis Sheet

Callers should create a “Call Analysis Sheet” for each call they use.  This sheet will help you in your ability to build choreography whether it be in written modules, sight calling, memory or mental imagery.

These sheets will get you to completely analyze each call you use to fully understand the impact and consequences of every call you call.

CALLERLAB offers a CAS on their website which is very good.  The sheets available here have been developed by students who have attended schools that I have taught at, who felt there was more information they required.  These sheets do take more work to complete however, they offer much more information about every call you do one for.

There are two options here! 

The first one is a regular PDF that you can download and fill in by hand. 

The second one is a version you can download and complete on your P.C. and save to your P.C. 

They both offer good benefits.  The hand written version tends to offer more memory retention of the calls.  The “fillin” version allows you to save to your laptop and carry with you allowing you to have them at your fingertips all the time.

Happy Calling!

P.C. Fill In Version  ..  Link

Hand Write Version .. Link

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