Dancing The Basics – Samples

This book, “Dancing The Basics”, is a companion to my “Full Teaching System for BASICS”  – a system which identifies a “CORE 20” set of calls to enable each caller to create his/her own teaching order, once the “CORE 20” are taught, using only one new figure in the sequence.

“Dancing The Basics” is a Collection of 100 Singing Call Figures, mostly from Standard Application, although a few variables are present. It is designed to be used for dance practice after the entire BASIC list is taught.

These sequences contain smooth flowing choreography with a corner progression allowing an 8 beat swing and a 16 beat promenade unless otherwise noted!  This will give your dancers the opportunity to dance and enjoy the completed BASIC program.

Here are a few samples of the pages! ~ To Purchase, Canada – click here.  USA – click here


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