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I believe all callers should be able to teach the calls in the Mainstream (or Plus) program independently of any other calls in that program. They should also be able to include each of these calls in a singing call for their dancers’ enjoyment and dance practice.

It is my opinion that the singing call is the icing on the cake for most square dancers. They must be able to dance all calls on the program with smooth body flow and in the correct timing provided by a singing call.

To that end, the choreographic modules presented in these books use only one Mainstream call per sequence. This enables callers to use whatever teaching order they desire. Each page layout has two sequences written in full English (no shorthand) and a large print format for easy viewing while calling. When the book is opened flat, there are four sequences per program call.

Once your dancers have become proficient with each call in the program, you can then move to part two of the book, which offers modules containing multiple calls per sequence.”

Here is a sample of the covers and a few pages from the MS book to give you an idea of the layout!

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