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Digital Music Magician

has been updated and is available again for the low fee of just $99.00.

One of the best Music Management Programs available today for Square Dance Callers!

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Jeff has authored four books on Modules for Singing Calls.

To view samples of the books please click the appropriate links below:

In addition to his books, Jeff has created a Full A-2 Audio Teaching system.  This system consists of 9 CD’s and includes each call on the 2013 A2 program.

This program is an excellent tool for groups without a regular caller or for dancers who wish to hear the definitions verbally or dance with a small group in the basement.

FULL Basic Teaching System – including Singing Call Modules – Link

Dancing The Basics – Singing Call Modules – Link

Singing Call Modules for Mainstream  – Link

Singing Call Modules for PLUS – Link

Callers Checkers – Link

Call Analysis Sheet – Link

Timing Sheets – Link

A-2 Audio Teaching System- 9 CD’s ~ Link





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