Callers School 2018

Another School is part of the history books!

This was truly a fabulous school.  The energy, the enthusiasm and the personalities made this school great!

We were very pleased to have Barry Clasper on our staff again and the students did a great job!

It was an international school with 13 students from, New Jersey, Michigan, Alberta, California, Alberta, Ottawa, Ontario and Sweden.  And our youngest student was a mere 15 years old.

Thanks to all who joined us and we wish you much success in your calling.

Full 5 day 40 hour School  –  July 13 – July 18, 2018.

Price includes everything from the time the course starts to the time it finishes.  Accommodation, meals, snacks, handouts, EVERYTHING!!  Don’t miss this great opportunity!

Register early space is limited!

Follow the links below to learn about Bursaries to offset your cost:

Ontario Square And Round Dance Federation:

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